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Have you ever heard the phrase: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”? This proverb must have been very sincerely emulated by the Chinese.


Benjamin Titan XS.177 Review

Crosman Benjamin Titan XS.
That’s quite a name.
“Titan” infers that this gun is powerful and robust.
It isn't misnamed, however.
One thought kept coming to my mind as I was finishing this review.
This air rifle is a beast you will cherish for years.

Winchester 1400CS Mossy Oak Review

As soon as I saw the Winchester 1400CS, I’m attracted to it.
It’s simply beautiful and unique.
They say “judge the book by its cover” but hey, you have to admit that it’s one of the most gorgeous-looking rifles in the market today.
But is it good as its beauty?
Let’s find out in this detailed Winchester 1400CS review.



Benjamin Varmint Powerpack

The Benjamin Varmint .22 air rifle has the word “varmint” in its name,

Implying that the manufacturer’s vision was to bring back peace into your invaded property

BYou can make a gun to eliminate these pesky and sneaky creatures with ease.

It is a good gun for the job.

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How to choose the right Air Gun Caliber for your game?

Three Native American hunters tell a story.

One is smarter than the other.

One of the smartest hunters sets out to hunt on the first day.

He brings back a dead deer. 

The ignorant one asks, “How’d you do it?”

The one Indian replies, “I simply followed the deer tracks, shot the deer, and here it is.”

The second day, the smarter one goes hunting and returns home with a dead bear. 

The ignorant one inquires once more, “How’d you do it?” 

The smart one answers, “I followed the bear tracks, shot the bear, and here it is.” 

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