AirForce Texan Big Bore Review 2022: Is it for YOU?


AirForce Texan Big Bore It brings joy to all those who eagerly await something entirely American.

This is your favorite airgun that makes shooting great again.

Air Force Texan is a name you can't deny when it concerns accuracy and energy.

They will give you precise shots that are accurate and will work with your skill to do amazing things.

It's always difficult to find the right air gun for you or your loved one.

The Air Force Texan will however do the job well.

Here are the details of this incredible air rifle and its pros and cons.

AirForce Texan Big Bore focuses primarily on accuracy and power.

These two factors can make or break your hunting experience if you're a regular hunter.

PCP rifles are becoming more popular for the right reasons.

We will start by discussing the gun-type, then we will go through every part to gain a better understanding.

See why the AirForce Texan Big Bore PCP air rifle is the best in 2022.

AirForce Texan Big Bore – Gun Type

This pre-charged pneumatic rifle (PCP), creates pressure mechanically, rather than any chemical reaction within the tank. It is the heart of the whole system.

This post will help you decide if a PCP gun is right for you.

Air compresses, creating havoc pressure that is then used to throw projectiles.

Air Force Texan bigbor allows for air pressures up to 3000 psi in order to provide the best performance.

AirForce Texan, an air rifle, comes with an exclusive air tank.

All power and accuracy can be left aside.

The rifle's outlook alone is enough for the spotlight.

You will be surrounded by air rifle enthusiasts often, which is sure to bring you some jealousy.

t1 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

AirForce Texan big bore air tank can be filled in a variety of ways.

You can either use a hand pump, or a compressor.

Hand pumps are still very popular among conventional hunters. However, I warn you that it is very tiring.

If you're not confident in the physical work of the compressor, it is best to leave it up to them.

There are many compressors on the market.

The final part of this Air Force Texan bigbore air rifle review will include details.

Once you've filled the tank, the valves within the reservoir cause a blockage. The pressure will increase.

You can pull the trigger to release the pressure through a narrow path that turns all of the potential energy into speed.

So your projectile lands exactly where you want it to.

Although it may seem so from the principle of the air rifle, the performance and pressure are not related.

High air pressure outside the range of the gun can cause permanent blockage, rendering it unusable.

t3 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

AirForce TexanBig Bore is a one-shot gun.

This means you will need to load the gun each time you fire a shot.

Although multi-shot guns are available on the market, single-shot guns still have the best accuracy.

You will be a better hunter if you look at it from another perspective.

You are aware that you will need to put in the effort and endure all of the hassle before you can take another shot.

You will do your best to make every shot count.

Regular use single-shot guns can help improve your focus, performance, and target accuracy.

AirForce Texan BIG Bore's barrel is not covered, which makes it very loud.

If you want to shoot silently in your backyard or take a few squirrels down, it is not allowed.

However, there’s more to Air Force Texan big bore and do not lose heart as I got the solution for loudness.

Continue reading the Air Force Texan large bore review to learn more about the amazing things it can accomplish.

This rifle's second part, the Air Force Texan, offers two-stage triggers that are non-adjustable.

However, they can be moved to suit your needs.

This section explains the trigger in detail and provides guidance for beginners.

AirForce Texan Bigbore is available in 4 different calibers.

You can choose from 0.25, 0.30, 0.3357 and 0.45.

Caliber to caliber, the power, velocity and accuracy will vary.

It provides excellent safety.

It was also important to mention the textured grip.

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I have given you an overview of the rifle so far and the main features that you will need to deal with if you choose an Air Force Texan large bore.

Let's do some research on each part and make an informed purchase.

AirForce Texan Big Bore can be purchased in four different calibers: 0.257 to 0.30, 0.357 to 0.357 and 0.45


t4 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

AirForce Texan Big Bore includes a synthetic stock.

While synthetic stock is more realistic than wood stock, I am sure you'll be apprehensive.

The class and beauty of wood stock cannot be matched, but they are more durable than synthetic ones.

Your first priority when it comes to air guns is convenience and performance, not the appearance

Air Force Texan big bore, to be honest, is a stunning beauty even with synthetic stock.

These are lighter than wooden ones, so you can easily handle them and move them from one place to the next.

It has a textured grip that adds an extra level of uniqueness.

You can rotate the buttplate from left-to-right to make cast-on or castoff adjustments.


The most important feature of any camera equipment is its sight.

Airforce Texan does not have an open sight, but it has an 11 mm dovetailrail on the upper body.

For a successful shoot, it is important to align your surveying equipment, lighting, and range.

AirForce Texan Big Bore offers you complete freedom to select your own scope.

Don't rush to buy something just because it is popular.

Air Force Texan offers a large selection of accessories that are affordable and suit all budgets.

A high-rated scope would not be required for air guns, as the Air Force Texan bigbor has very low reverse recoil.

Find something that suits your needs and is also affordable.

Picatinny and weaver rail are also options. However, in this case you will need an adapter to Air Force Texan for those scopes.

There are many dovetails that pica tinny, or dovetails that the weaver adapter options on the market.

To get one that is generous, it would cost around $40-50

Velocity, power, accuracy and speed

t5 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

This is the world's most powerful air rifle.

Whoever talks like “just an air gun” has definitely no clue about the power of Air Force Texan big bore.

Air Force Texan can deliver a 500 ft-lbs of energy at a speedy 100 fps.

Power! Let me show you a chart showing the velocity and energy that Texan generates when using different pellets.

Below are some test results to help you understand the power and velocity of certain ammo.

Below is a table showing the results of the initial full tank fill to 3000 PSI.

Ammo testedWeightShot1Shot2EnergieShots/fill
Round ball143 grain902 fps914 fps265 ft-lbs13
Hollow point200 grains848 fps818 fps319 ft-lbs10
Round nose350 grain791 fps777 fps469 ft-lbs6
Round nose405 grains750 fps735 fps505 ft-lbs3

These are the results Eric Blandford obtained while testing five shot strings using a tank that was initially filled with 3000 psi.

Ammo testedWeightShot1Shot2Shot3Shot4Shot5Energie
Round ball143 fps974 fps981 fps972 fps963 fps967 fps306 ftlbs
Specialization in hunting.457310 fps806 fps805 fps802 fps801 fps799 fps457 ftlbs
Specialization in hunting.457350 fps769fps769 fps768 fps767 fps764 fps460 ftlbs
Cast lead #2 Alloy405 fps721 fps719 fps721 fps729 fps715 fps478 ftlbs

Ton Jones’ Texan performance chart:

Bullet shapeWeightFirst shotEnergie
Hollow base405750505.98
Round nose350783476.59
Truncated cone240841377.02
Semi wad cutter215880369.79
Round ball143966296.38

Air Force Texan's only problem is its newness in the marketplace, which means that there won't be much ammo to test it.

But don't be afraid! This is a fantastic opportunity for hardcore shooters to focus on getting their own ammunition.

Air Force Texan has the ability to handle small- to medium-range games at any hour.

In fact, it’s one of the best air rifles for hunting everyone can afford.

To learn more, you can watch the AirgunDepot video below.


Air Force Texan Big Bore offers a 2-stage trigger. They are however not purely adjustable.

The trigger's position cannot be changed.

The trigger is simple and clear.

Air Force Texan bigbor triggers break at 32 ounces.

Because you're heavier, it is easy to tell when the trigger is about to go off.

This predictability helps increase the likelihood of success.

Air Force Texan big bore valve can be tuned for maximum power or maximum consistency.

It is possible to analyze your needs and determine the best tuning.

Loading and cocking

t7 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

It is easy to load and cock an Air Force Texan big bore.

First, the Air Force Texan's Butt Plate is Adjustable. This gives you maximum flexibility and length.

You pull the lever while you are cocking the gun. It's that easy.

Next, load the magazine and then pull it back.

Now you are ready to fire your first shot.

A side lever is located along the Air Force Texan's torso, which opens automatically to provide safety.

This is one of the most striking features of the Air Force Texan big bore.

It provides incredible security and is activated automatically.


Let me briefly and succinctly describe the situation in this instance. Air Force Texan big bore can be heard!

Yes, you can squirrel shoot without telling your neighbors. This should not be in your drawing room.

The barrel is not shrouded nor baffled, so there is no silence.

But, I have the answer.

There are many silencers on the market that will work miracles on your Air Force Texan.

Donny FL Emperor Suppressor, which is described as as silent as raindrops, is one of the products available.

You have many choices and can make your Texan quiet for lawn shooting.

Shooting ability

An Air Force Texan, as I have already mentioned, is a single-shot airgun.

The barrel pressure is kept in check by the built-in manometer.

You will notice a decline in performance as a result.


The Air Force Texan bigbor does not require a lot of maintenance.

It was made to allow you to capture endless shots with minimal effort.

It would be for ages before there is anything. But, if you do see lead pellets slugging your skin, it's not because they are toxic.

Leave a note for the second generation to clean it with a damp cloth.

If that isn't enough, add a couple of drops of oil to your Air Force Texan bigbore and you are ready to serve the grandchildren.


Air Force Texan is a portable pressure gun that can be used to produce PCP. It has a 490 cc tank and a maximum pressure of 3000 psi.

If you find these numbers to be logical, you will know what I'm going to say next. But if they don't, let me explain that you will need to fill the tank from an external source.

Although you can use a handpump, it is very tedious and time-consuming. So get an air compressor.

If you don’t know how to choose the right air source for your PCP rifle, I suggest you use only compressed air or dry nitrogen for your Air Force Texan big bore tank.

A sight is required for the air pump. It comes with an opaque sight.

The market offers a variety of scopes and sight lenses, just like the tank.

This allows you to choose the right one for your situation and mood.

Although the Texan comes equipped with a dovetailrail, you can also use cheap adapters to make a pica tinny ring or weaver ring.

A silencer can be used to reduce the sound. This accessory will last for a long time and is well worth the money.


Although I've gone over all of the features in detail, you might be in a rush to pick the air gun. I can understand that. So I am going to summarize it all. Let me now give you all the details.

  • Made entirely in the USA
  • This pre-charged pneumatic rifle works under compressed air pressure.
  • Side levers allow for easy loading and better access to the body.
  • Air Force Texan can be used as a single-shot weapon.
  • It also comes with an 11mm dovetail ring to attach your favorite scope.
  • The barrel of an Air Force Texan big bore is 34” long.
  • You can adjust the position and trigger in two stages.
  • Automatic safety can be controlled manually.
  • The grip is textured.
  • The maximum air tank capacity is 490 cm with a maximum pressure 3000 PSI.
  • Air Force Texan provides pressure relief devices.
  • Built-in manometer to monitor the pressure in the tank
  • For better mounting, opttic rail can be extended.
  • You can adjust the power of your rifle to meet your needs.
  • Pull length is between 13.825” and 15”.
  • You can adjust your buttplate according to your body weight and measurement.
  • Air Force Texan big bore is a loud air gun because there is no silencer.

Air Force Texan has the ability to handle small- to medium-sized games whenever they are needed

Pros and cons


t9 AirForce Texan Big Bore Review - Make Shooting Great Again

Air Force Texan is approximately $1000-$1200 depending on the caliber you choose.

You will pay an additional $300-$400 if you include accessories such as sight, air tank, and silencer.

It shouldn't be an issue considering the rifle's power and accuracy.

The durable air gun can be purchased once and you will have the best shooting experience with the right accessories.

An Air Force Texan can be a lasting legacy.

Customer review

Air Force Texan, the name you can trust, is also the name of the world's hunters.

New buyers are encouraged by the positivity and positive spirit of Air Force Texan.

The air gun is perfect and the customer reviews will prove it.

What is the AirForce Texan's performance compared to other air rifles.

Airforce Texan vs Benjamin Bulldog

SpecificationsAirforce TexanBenjamin BullDog
Caliber.30, .45.357
Maximal Velocity1270 fps, 1,000 fps910 fps
Muzzle Energy238 ft/lbs200 ft/lbs
Barrel Length34.0”28.0”
Overall Length48.0”36.0”
Capacity for Shots15
Front viewNoneNone
Rear ViewNoneNone
Scopeable11 mm dovetailWeaver/picatinny
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustableTwo-stage non-adjustable
Best forHuntingHunting
Trigger pull2.06 lbs3.0 lbs
Act NowSideleverSidelever
PowerplantPrecharged pneumaticPre-charged pneumatic
Max shots per fill1210
Weight7.65 lb7.7 lbs
Size of the cylinder490 cc340 cc

Airforce Texan's power is not lost. The.30 caliber Airforce Texan has an amazing muzzle energy of 238 ft/lbs.

The Benjamin Bulldog's muzzle energy is 200 feet/lbs, which is less than the.357 caliber.

This will still be enough to take out most of the large game you long wanted to hunt.

The length of the Benjamin Bulldog is 12 ins shorter than that of the Airforce Texan.

Similar, barrel lengths vary by 6 inches.

It is important to realize that the length of the gun does not serve any functional purpose.

Airgun Academy proved that accuracy is not related to the barrel length.

There is a common misconception that longer barrels are more accurate then shorter ones.

Air rifles with longer barrels may be more accurate than those with shorter barrels.

The length of the barrel does not affect the muzzle velocity.

It all comes down to personal taste.

The Benjamin Bulldog is a shorter version of the air rifle.

Airforce Texan also has a single shot air rifle.

The Benjamin Bulldog is a multishot air rifle, with a maximum of five shots.

Both single-shot and repeaters both have their strengths and weaknesses.

For my hunting trips, I prefer a single-shot rifle.

It's clear, I can only take one shot and make it count.

Others prefer repeater air rifles, even though they are more reliable and have backup shots in case they miss the first or the second.

Airforce Texan vs Umarex hammer

SpecificationsAirforce TexanUmarex Hammer
Caliber.30, .45.50
Maximal Velocity1270 fps, 1,000 fps1000 fps
Muzzle Energy238 ft/lbs700 ft/lbs
Barrel Length34.0”29.5”
Overall Length48.0”43.75”
Shot Capacity12
Front viewNoneNone
Rear ViewNoneNone
Scopeable11 mm dovetailWeaver/Picatinny
Best forHuntingHunting
Trigger pull2.06 lb3.0 lbs
Act NowSideleverBolt Action
PowerplantPre-charged pneumaticPre-charged pneumatic
Max shots per fill124
Weight7.65 lbs8.5 lb
Size of the cylinder490 cc393 cc

I find the Umarex Hammer to be a remarkable weapon because of its unheard-of muzzle power of 700 FPE.

This is almost three times as much muzzle energy as an Airforce Texan.

It is easy to see what this means, considering that the Airforce Texan has enough power to take down large game.

Many people are unsure if the Umarex Hammer is actually an air rifle.

It has a lot more power than an air rifle.

Call it a beast if you wish – you will have defined it well.

You can have such power with the Umarex Hammer. This is a great option, especially at a lower price!

The Airforce Texan's average cost is approximately $1,200. While the Umarex Hammer costs about $900, it goes for an average of about $900.

Is the price difference just due to the brand itself?

Remember that Umarex is a German firm while Airforce, on the other hand, is an American business.

The Airforce Texan will give you approximately 12 shots for every 490 cc cylinder.

The Umarex Hammer, on the other hand, has a 393cc cylinder that can hold only 4 shots when fully filled.

Psychologically speaking, the less shots you have per file, the more focused and focused you will become with your shooting, since you want every shot to count.

Airforce Texan vs Condor

SpecificationsAirforce TexanAirforce Condor
Caliber.30, .45.22
Maximal Velocity1270 fps, 1,000 fps1250 fps
Barrel Length34.0”24.0”
Overall Length48.0”38.75”
Capacity for Shots11
Front viewNoneNone
Rear ViewNoneNone
Scopeable11 mm dovetail11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage non-adjustableTwo-stage, non-adjustable
Best forHuntingHunting
Trigger pull2.06 lbs3.0 lbs
Act NowSideleverBolt-Action
PowerplantPre-charged pneumaticPre-charged pneumatic
Max shots per fill1250
Weight7.65 lbs6.9 lb
Size of the cylinder490 cc490 cc

The Airforce Condor is more powerful than the Airforce Texan, with 50 shots per fill.

50 shots allows you to concentrate on the shooting part rather than the technical aspect of filling the cylinders.

This is especially true for those who don't like air rifles due to the fact that they have to be refilled over and over.

Contrary to repeaters, both the Airforce Texan (and the Airforce Condor) are single-shot air rifles.

Single-shot air rifles will make you more aware of your shooting and you won't want to miss a shot.

The Airforce Condor is noticeably shorter than the Airforce Texan.

However, this does not impact its performance.

It doesn't really matter if a gun has either a long or short barrel.

The Airforce Condor comes in 4 models – the .177, the .20, the .22, and the .25 caliber.

The.177 caliber provides a rip-snorting muzzle velocity at 1450 fps.

This is a lot more than what the.30 caliber Airforce Texan can accomplish (1270 fps).

Airforce Condor weighs in at 6.1 lbs and is much lighter than the 7.65 lb Airforce Texan.

If you are looking for an air rifle that is easy to carry, I recommend the Airforce Condor.

Airforce Texan 357 vs.

They differ in their calibers, which is the most important difference between the two guns.

Depending on your intended use of the air rifle, you can choose between a larger or smaller caliber.

Larger caliber air rifles have lower muzzle speeds.

You can expect the pellet will start to deviate from the straight path when the muzzle velocity is decreased.

It is less than what you would get with an air rifle having a high muzzle speed. 

Are you planning to kill rats in the house?

Then you certainly don’t need a very high muzzle velocity.

Because prey is not always in close proximity to the hunter, an air rifle with a high muzzle speed will be needed by a hunter out in the wild.

In other dimensions, the greater the caliber, the greater the penetration power.

A.45 pellet provides more energy for prey.

The Airforce Texan.45 produces muzzle energie of up to 400 FPE. While the Airforce Texan.357 generates about 340 FPE.

This isn't a big difference. You can also shoot larger pellets without being affected by wind.

Bonus: Concrete block vs Airforce Texan

Concrete can be destroyed by pellets shot from an Airforce Texan Big Bore, believe it or not.

Twang n Bang, Inc tested Airforce Texan with a 150 mm thick concrete block. The block broke into two in just two shots.

This confirms the Airforce Texan's power as an air rifle.


Air Force Texan is, in short, the American dream when it comes to air rifles. It offers durability, power, accuracy, and reliability all in one box.

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