5 types of air gun you need to know before buying


Ever wonder how many different types of air rifles there are?

Is your head spinning around with various powerplants and you don’t know which one to choose?

giphy 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

We got you covered.

You will find detailed information on all types and makes of air guns in this post

And each type’s advantages and disadvantages so you can save time and money in the quest of searching for the best air gun on the market.

There are 5 types worldwide of air guns.

They are spring-powered, precharged pneumatic, variable pump, spring-powered, and gas piston.

Each type has its unique characteristics, but all have their own names because of the way they work.

Spring powered

s111 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

The spring-powered air rifle (springer) has a piston and an inner spring.

The spring is compressed as soon as you cock your gun.

You pull the trigger to make the spring compress so that the piston moves forward.

The piston motion compresses the air, and the pellet is propelled from the muzzle by the force of pressurized air.

It all happens in a flash of an eye.

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Gas piston

ga1 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

A gas piston air gun, also known as gas strut or gas ram, works in the same manner as a spring piston gun.

A gas ram gun uses a gas-filled tube instead of a coil spring.

You can compress the air in the cylinder by applying more pressure when you cock it.

Pressurized air remains under tension until you release it.

The propellant force of pressurized oxygen causes the pellet to be released from the barrel.

Precharged Pneumatic

Precharged pneumatic (PCP), an air gun that uses high-pressured air in the chamber to propel the pellet, releases it using a propellant force.

pc 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

By using special compressors, hand pumps, scuba tanks and hand pumps to compress the pressurized water up to 3000-4000psi

The gun can be used once the pressure is reached.

Variable pump

b1 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

The variable pump gun is equipped with a piston and pressure cylinder.

When the gun is cocked, the air between piston and cylinder will be compressed.

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A lock valve is located on the cylinder that allows air in and keeps it in until you shoot.

The force of compressed oxygen propels the pellet forward when you pull the trigger.


r1 5 Types of Air Guns You Need to Know Before Buying

The CO2 powered air gun functions in the same manner as a PCP gun, but instead of using pressurized gas as its power source, it uses carbon dioxide cartridges (CO2) to generate the power.

The pellet will move inside the barrel when the CO2 compressed is released by pulling the trigger.


Knowing which type of air rifle you have will make it easier to pick the right one.

Each type of product has its pros and cons. It all boils down to personal preference.

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