Beeman QB78 Review 2021: Is it for YOU?


Since the mid 20th century, there’s been an exciting tradition of shooting with QB series air rifles.

The US Air Force used the Model 160 and 165 CO2 rifles made during Crossman's reign to train its pilots.

Its simple design and light features make it easy to use.

q1 Beeman QB78 Review

Although the Crossman 160 was upgraded, it didn’t become popular because of its higher price.

Chinese manufacturers started making air rifles at lower costs to capitalize on the market.

Crossman rifles were discontinued and the QB series was created. Its value for money helped to take over the market.

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Thus, there’s been something of an emotional connection between shooters and QB air rifles for decades now.

This is why the CO2 bolt-action rifles of QB series are the most popular in the World of Airgunning.

For those looking for a classic look, outstanding accuracy, and a great price, the Beeman QB78 Air rifle may be the right choice.

Experimented shooters are well aware of the value of the 12g CO2 power rifle.

beeman qb78 co2 under 100 air rifle Beeman QB78 Review

There are many more brands on the market that offer modern, high-quality and accurate options.

But they don’t have the same heart and soul that can be found with the QB air rifle.

(Read this article for more information on the top air rifle brands.

The air rifle is a great choice if you're looking for the best price and the most benefits.

The Beeman Qb78 and Beeman Qb78 Deluxe are great options to send a gift or participate in Olympics.

You can also check out the top air rifles for 2021.

Now, I’d like to go over the features of these, allowing you to judge which option, the QB Standard or Deluxe suits you the best.

Beeman QB78 – Anatomy Of The Gun

Shooters must have the best weapon possible.

Reliability is essential.

The bulk fill of 12g of CO2 in the Beeman QB78 or Beeman QB78deluxe caters for an average 60 back to back shots per refill and 78 shots overall at.177 caliber.

The bulk-fill of CO2 gives you the ability to shoot with more consistency over the FPS range. It also allows for the elimination of the bottle.

The gas should be used immediately after shooting.

The Beeman QB78 Air rifle You can only take one shot at a given time before you have to reload.

It takes some time, but those who enjoy the classic concept of airgun rifles will love the Beeman QB78 and Beeman QB78 Deluxe.

As we’ve alluded to, there are two models in QB78 — Standard and Deluxe.

Both are available in.177 and.22 calibers.

The QB78 Deluxe features a 2 stage trigger, Truglo fiberoptic, and brass hardware.

(For more on the differences between .177 & .22 and which jobs they do best, see this post.)

The Deluxe model has a Monte Carlo Style cheekpiece that allows for better sight alignment when using a scope.

It should be clear that the Beeman QB78 Deluxe and Deluxe models are simple, unique, and accurate in service. However, they might not be suitable for gifting after use.

You can keep the rifle in your car, and you can start having fun in your backyard or garden with it.

beeman qb78 deluxe air rifle 177 22 Beeman QB78 Review

Because not everyone can afford an air rifle that expensive, the $99 price tag is appealing.

But don’t let that put you off in terms of quality – if someone buys and experiences the Beeman QB78 or Beeman QB78 Deluxe, they would surely recommend it to family and friends.

It’s an exciting and reliable gun at a very low cost.

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The air rifle's unique classic look is due to the use of European hardwood stock. The Beeman QB78 and Beeman QB78 Deluxe don’t look cheap in any way.

The air rifle is also more attractive due to its authenticity and accuracy.

The QB is a great gift option for children, even if they are looking to buy a toy gun.

The Beeman QB78 rifle's parts are easy to clean and take apart, which gives it greater durability.


Beeman QB78 air rifle stock is available in wood and metal. This enhances the classic look.

The wood isn't synthetic, it is real wood which makes the rifle authentic and regal.

Consider the price. This product is very affordable.

The bluing is used to enhance the gun's appearance.

q4 Beeman QB78 Review

Restocking the action can be dangerous if the Strap Screw is too tight (2402) or it could cause the Strap Assembly (2400) to break.

The Beeman QB78 stock is made from European hardwood. This makes the finish silky and durable.

Even rough handling won’t affect it much. The material is very impressive, especially considering its price.

(This post provides more details on the in-depth comparative between synthetic and wooden stock.

Beeman QB78 also features a trigger and handle made of gold-bolt.

It is simple and elegant, yet it looks great.

It has a barrel length of 21.5 inches which allows for long distance shooting.


The Beeman QB78 can be purchased in brown, while Deluxe comes in a slightly lighter shade.

QB78 Classical air rifles are available for those looking. The Beeman QB78deluxe is the best choice due to its attractive traditional brown color.

The rifle is also more attractive due to the bluing.

Shooting Ability

First, the BeemanQB78 is lightweight.

It’s easy to carry and shoot.

With a typical 3 9*40 AO scope, it weighs 6.5 pounds.

Compared to other PCP rifles, there is low fill pressure, therefore it’s easy to reach optimum air pressure.

Even with little modifications and adjustments, the Beeman QB78 Deluxe’s performance can be enhanced greatly.

Experienced shooters know that air rifles with CO2 gas are more effective for shooting accuracy.


Beeman QB78 Deluxe comes with a manual guide to adjust the trigger.

The Beeman QB78's trigger is also beautifully finished with the gold-bolt handpiece.

A two-stage trigger can be added to the Beeman QB78 deluxe rifle.

A lock is available for the trigger.

The lightweight of 6.5 lbs makes it easy to control and the trigger is smooth.

The air rifle is easy to control, even for young shooters.

The manufacturer cautions against pushing the trigger components beyond the transfer port.

You cannot predict what will happen after you have changed your mind.

You can take the trigger out of the stock but it can cause a lot of trouble.

Before you do anything, I recommend reading the entire manual.

This is why the Beeman QB78 has such high demand around the world.

You can of course still make any changes you wish, if you know what you’re doing.

The main reason the warning was issued is that you can't change factory settings.

It can be difficult to undo the work you have done and the rifle may become unusable.


The Beeman QB78 air rifle features front and rear sights.

Beeman QB78 Deluxe and Beeman QB78 Deluxe offer the best sighting experience, i.e. Fiber Optic.

It is worth noting that the rear sight can be adjusted for windage or elevation just like any high-quality airgun.

beeman qb78 co2 reviews Beeman QB78 Review

Shooters are more inclined to choose guns with clear sights as accuracy is their top priority.

They often use a mounted scope to improve their vision.

The testing scope for QB78 is CenterPoint 3-9×32.

It was popular because it was the closest hunting scope.

Again, the results are incredible. The Beeman QB78 air rifle's sight is extraordinary.

(For more information on the different types of airgun sights and which one is best for you, please see this post.

You can remove the rear sight by disconnecting it. However, while it is simple to do, it can be difficult to put it back on.

If you have a manual, are you following the steps and have the confidence and ability to reattach the pieces, feel free.


There’s no denying that this is a loud gun.

It might be ideal for backyard use if you have neighbors nearby, but at least it’s easy to carry if you go further afield.

It’s not so loud that it requires earplugs at least!

Weighing and length

The air rifle QB78 weighs in at 6.5 pounds, and its length is 39.75 inches.

Any young person can handle it.

Lighter rifles allow for greater accuracy in shooting and easy carrying.

Because it is longer than most, it can pose a problem as it takes up space. It can also seem ungainly to small users.

Barrel Length

The barrel length for the Beeman QB78 Air rifle is 21.5 inches.

When installing the Barrel it is strictly forbidden not to twist it (2700).

Twisting could cause damage to the Barrel O-Rings (2700).

Accuracy and Velocity as well as Trajectory

q5 Beeman QB78 Review

We used.177 caliber ammunition to test the accuracy.

Besides, the rifle’s trigger is on the soft side, engages cleanly, and breaks lightly, making quick and accurate shooting quite easy.

The Beeman QB78 Deluxe is a great choice, especially when compared to other lower-cost rifles.

(Refer to this list to see the best.177 air rifles.

This is a view of the Beeman QB78 Deluxe 0.22 calibre with fiber optics, Crossman premier HP 14.3gr Pellets, and a slight elevation over the bore of 0.75 inches.

Range (in yds).Trajectory (in).Velocity (fps).Energy (ft.lbs)
23– 0.44386.1
25– 0.84336

The Deluxe is capable of reaching 21 yards. Therefore, there’s no doubt that it is capable of killing birds inside 20 yards.

This post contains more information about accuracy of air rifles.

MountainSport Airguns used their Beeman QB78 in order to kill a rabbit from 42 yards.


Beeman QB78 mods have high reputation, from basic to advanced PCP conversion power upgrading.

There is no reason to fear that the shooter will cause any damage during modifications.

It is therefore safe to modify the rifle. The Beeman qb78 is easy to use.


q3 Beeman QB78 Review

The Beeman QB78 rifle doesn't require any expensive maintenance tools.

To clean up the surface, you can just use some grease and wipes.

The air rifle requires very little maintenance and will last for many years.

You can extend the life of your seals by regularly lubricating them and O Rings.

There are many ways to maintain your Beeman QB78 Air rifle.

These steps are beneficial.

Without wasting time, I'll discuss steps you can take for improved reliability.

BreechYou can fit a 7” by 1 ½” strip to polish all the burns of the breech tube in a 7/16” dowel with emery paper. The drill motor could be used to spin and pass the strips from 200 to 600.
TubeThese grits range from 220 to 600. Take emery paper strips of 7 ” x 1 ½” with 5/8” slotted dowel to spin.
The Bolt should be taken apart. Next, remove all bluings from the bolt and polish it with 220grit paper at low speed.
Fine stone and Dermal are used to break the sharp edges of the “loading tray”. To polish the stones, Emery paper 200-600 is used. You can test the smoothness of the barrel “crown” with a cotton Q tip.
TriggerUse the grit-emery 600 to remove the trigger and sear. Next, polish the contact surface.

Take care

Be aware of the adjustments you make to the weapon while you are using it.

This is useful if you want to make further changes or rescind an existing setting.

Beeman QB78 has three features in trigger adjustment

Trigger Force Or Tension

It weighs in at approximately 4 pounds

Turn the screw clockwise to decrease the trigger force.

Important: The tension force should not be less than 2 pounds. Otherwise, accidental firing could occur.

beeman qb78 price Beeman QB78 Review


It is set to be 0.25”.

To reduce the screw's rotation, turn it clockwise.

However, be aware that the screw can cause the rifle to stop firing if it is turned too far.

It can be compromised, just like any other mechanism.

Engagement of Sear

The set value for the seal engagement is 0.125 inches. You can reduce it by turning the screw counterclockwise.

In the event of a drop, accidental discharge can occur due to reduced sear engagement.


The accessories allow the shooter to make minor modifications in order to achieve better results or meet the requirements.

If you aren't satisfied with the scope and sight, they can be replaced.


  • Beeman QB78 Single-shot Air Rifle
  • Beeman QB78 is full of CO2 gas
  • Beeman QB78 features a 2-stage trigger that makes the gun safer, easier to use and more reliable.
  • European hardwood stock
  • BEEMAN is the manufacturer
  • Beeman QB78 Ammo Type is Pellets
  • Bolt-action Beeman QB78 action
  • Beeman QB78 barrel style rifled
  • The Beeman QB78 Fire mode can be used in one shot.
  • Beeman QB78 rifle weighs in at 6 pounds
  • Beeman QB78 shot per fill is 70
  • Beeman QB78 can be used for target practice and plinking
  • Beeman QB78 rear sight is adjustable fiber optic
  • The Beeman QB78's CO2 mechanism is used
  • Safety is assured by the manual guide that comes with the Beeman QB78
  • Warranty on the rifle is limited to 30 days
  • Loudness and incoherence are two low-medium values
  • Dovetail rail is 11mm

Both the pros and cons

q6 Beeman QB78 Review


Pricing is the most exciting part of the Beeman QB78 air rifle – it costs a mere $99!

giphy Beeman QB78 Review

The features and benefits of the air rifle are unbeatable for this price.

If you wish to have an air gun with quality features and a classic look, but you aren’t made of money – then this one’s for you.

Customer Review

Beeman qb78 reviews were a good source of information.

Around 80% are satisfied with the product, as there is no comparable at this price.

The Beeman QB78 Standard and Deluxe both offer quality features and benefits.

Airgun lovers also appreciate the lightweight.

For many, an air rifle of this quality at such a cheap price is a blessing in disguise.

Learn more about Beeman QB78 customer reviews.


Its attractive appearance greatly contributes to its appeal.

Although shooters may have their own ideas, many people love the traditional and classic look of the rifle.

Beeman QB78 and Beeman QB78deluxe are reliable and precise in performance with the fiberoptic sight and PCP tanks.

There are many modifications that can be made to the product. The manufacturers also suggest many precautions and adjustments so that the product is safe.

The Beeman QB78 Deluxe is a great value for money and offers high quality fun!

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