Gamo Urban Review 2022: Is it for YOU?


Gamo Urban is the most reliable, economical, and accurate air rifle. It's manufactured at the BSA plant Birmingham England.

It arrived in the USA in 2017.

It had previously been sold on the European only market.

giphy Gamo Urban PCP Review

It’s a PCP pre-charged pneumatic bolt action air rifle with an ability of 30 shots per fill.

Gamo Urban PCP, according to the manufacturer, is reliable, affordable, and can continue being used generation after generation.

Gamo Urban PCP air rifle is a great choice for backyard shooting. It feels great in the hand and shoulders.

There’s a muzzle velocity of 800 FPS and .22 calibers, and the 10 round rotary magazine which provides a smooth shooting experience.

It’s also very suitable for small game hunting (see this post for more)

Gamo Urban Air Rifle Review 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review

Its synthetic design makes it lightweight but still feels solid in its 6.7 lb weight.

Gamo Urban Air Rifle also has a 2-stage adjustable trigger for greater accuracy.

Gamo Urban air rifle includes scope adjustment.

Shooters have many options to choose from when it comes optics.

It is a reliable choice for hunters who want a compact and sturdy air rifle.

This makes the air rifle ideal for shooters.

Gamo urban air rifle is therefore the best choice for shooters.

The market has welcomed the stylish Gamo urban.22 with open arms.

Because of its reliability, accuracy and quality.

We will now examine the performance and usability of the Gamo Urban.22.

If you’re looking for a PCP air rifle, see our list of best PCP air rifles.

Gamo Urban Air Rifle Review

Shooting for Strength

Gamo's urban air rifle offers the most shooting power with its hammer-forged barrel.

It is the longest distance at 25 meters.

A single fill allows the rifle to fire 30 shots per minute.

It allows continuous shots but, aside from that, the Gamo urban.22 allows quick reloading for the 10-round rotary clip.

With a barrel length of 24.5”, the rifle provides the best shooting ability.

The lightweight of the Gamo urban rifle, thanks to its synthetic material allows it to be used very efficiently.

Gamo urban.22 cal offers the shooter the freedom to choose any caliber.

This air rifle is the right choice if you're looking for reliability and affordability.

(For more information on the 5 types air rifles you must know before buying, please see this post.

This is a great tool for outdoor shooting on weekends.

Gamo urban rifles can offer you non-stop shooting fun all day.

Gamo's Gamo urban rifle comes with a very thin cheek mold, which allows for shooting it with great comfort.


Gamo urban.22 ca is made from all-weather synthetic material. It is lightweight and easy to carry but has a solid feel.

(Read this post for more information on the in-depth comparison of synthetic and wood stock.

The valve is very well tuned and the shooting is effortless.

The adjustable cheekpiece is only available in Europe and not North America.

Gamo urban rifle includes the SWA (Shockwave Absorber), the rubber recoilpad that is ideal for gripping over the shoulder.

This prevents the rifle's accidental release from the shoulder.

The grip is crucial for shooters because it is essential to be accurate when shooting at targets.

Shooting with accuracy is a great way to boost your confidence, especially if the weapon you are using is easy to use.

Gamo urban air rifles are the best option if you want a better experience.


Gamo's urban air rifle features the SAT (Smooth Act Trigger), which can be adjusted for the second stage but not the weight.

The trigger is very smooth and light and very easy to understand and use.

You can also use the second stage.

You must be cautious when reducing the aftermarket screw setting.

You run the risk that your gun could be made unsafe by this procedure.

This is because it is possible to reduce the trigger pull level unknowingly. To check the trigger, it is recommended that you perform a mallet test.

Gamo Urban .22 Cal Air Rifle 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review

Gamo's urban PCP.22-caliber air rifle has a Custom Action Trigger (CAT) that can be adjusted at any stage.

Experienced shooters may prefer to use both methods as they are identical.

The distance between the trigger and the bull stock is 14.5,”, which is the generous length of the pull.

It would be correct for most users.

While the pistol grip feels very natural, shooters with larger hands may find it difficult to control the trigger.


Gamo's urban air rifle has a velocity of 800 feet per second.

Additionally, the manometer and pressure gauge are located near the end of the reservoir.

It clearly displays the maximum fill pressure at this stage of 3365 PSI.

Gamo urban.22 Cal is filled with a 100 cc cylinder.

You can fill 200 bars with the small cylinder using a hand pump.

You can keep the air gun fully pressurized inside a cylinder with at least 70 bars of pressure or 1000 psi.


It is both attractive and ambidextrous. It can be turned from one side to the other.

Bolt-action cycles are a simple method that allows for quick follow-up shots.

On the right the bolt handle is functional and authentic. But on the left it's not as impressive but it still works great.

Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review


Gamo's urban air rifle is reliable and easy to fill.

The magazine can hold ten rounds. All you need to do is rotate it one space at time and insert each pellet as you go.

Gamo urban magazine contains a magnet that holds the pellet you place inside.

It makes them feel secure and satisfied when they are in place.

The White-Dot will notify you that the last pellet has been loaded.


Gamo Urban comes with a manual which offers good advice and tips on how to make changes.

If you want to alter the trigger, for example, you really should read the manual to ensure you’re taking proper care of the rifle throughout.

Accuracy And Power

A true shooter knows the value and accuracy of their weapon.

This is the one thing you cannot compromise on.

To verify the accuracy of the Gamo Urban air rifle, we conducted tests.

Most consistently accurate results were observed with the 5.51 H&N Baracuda Match and Crosman premier ultra-magnum.

Crosman's pellets are affordable and readily available, which is undoubtedly good news for shooters.

g4 Gamo Urban PCP Review

At 35 yards the Gamo urban.22 puts 10 Baracuda Matches into a round hole that measures 0.29 inches.

Gamo urban.22 ca is a regulation gun because of its efficiency.

It is recommended to only fill to 2900psi, as you will be able to take 25 sharp shots with 30fps.

The variation between 50 and 200 yards will not be noticeable.

Below is the performance table for the Gamo urban rifle.

Gamo Urban.22 Calibers: Performance Test Results
(Five-shot string test)

Ammo TestedGrainHigh ShotAverage ShotEnergie
JSB DIABOLO EXACT JUMBO HEAVY18.1gr791fps755fps22.95 ft-lbs
H&N BARACUDA MATCH (5.51mm)21.14gr730fps726fps24.68ft-lbs
GTO Predator11.75gr946fps934fps22.16ft-lbs
Crosman premier

As stated, the hammerspring is adjustable evenly. However, you need to adjust it to the down side, and not the up.

It is possible to get as many as 15 shots more if you move it counter-clockwise.

You might lose 1 foot to get an extra 15 shots while shooting in your backyard.

The Gamo urban air rifle is already a well-respected product after a successful testing.

Ben, a veteran shooter from Air Gun Web, shares his thoughts on the Gamo Urban in this video:


Gamo urban.22 Cal is very easy to use. Therefore, the manufacturers offer this combo so you can save money on guns or pumps.

The rifle will allow you to shoot immediately without delay.

Along with this, an Air Venturi 74 CF Tank is provided, which allows you to refill as the magazine’s costs are pretty high.

Air Venture Nomad compressor is simple to use and very affordable.

You can charge it with your car battery, and you can continue to hunt for the entire day.

Gamo's urban air rifle is, in short, the best because it has the BSA internals which make it the most valuable on market.

These accessories can make a significant difference in your hunting experience.

It is important to note that you must first read the guidelines before making any modifications.

If you follow the correct guidance, you can achieve amazing results with these accessories, such as refills or triggers.

Gamo Urban.22 should be your first choice for backyard shooting or small hunting.

(For more information on the best air rifles to shoot squirrels, please see this post.

Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Gamo Urban has a Cold-hammer forged barrel.

It's incredibly smooth, precise, and powerful at 35000 hammer strike that forge a barrel.

Cold Hammer Forging improves the surface of the rifling and the structure of the grains, producing a mirror-like finishing in your bore. This results in an accurate, reliable air rifle.

giphy Gamo Urban PCP Review

This accuracy allows you to shoot for extended periods of time with sufficient quality.

Urban is the first gun brand to offer the Cold-hammer forged barrel at such an affordable price.

(This post contains more information about air rifle barrels and how to use them before you buy.


Gamo's urban air rifle includes a silencer that is integrated with whisper maxim.

It allows the rifle's silent operation without interruption or hindrance.

Gamo Urban.22 cal, in other words, is quieter than most guns.

Gamo Urban Vs. Benjamin Marauder

marauder .22 air rifle Gamo Urban PCP Review

Gamo is an urban air rifle that costs $299 and is silent, accurate, reliable and reliable. The price of the Gamo urban air rifle is $299 at PyramydAir. Shipping charges are also included.

It fits comfortably in the palms and is easy to handle.

Although the accuracy could be improved, it is still quite good for this price.

Magazines are more costly to refill due to PCP.

The Marauder is more expensive than the Gamo urban.22 Cal and weighs more, so it is not the right choice for everyone.

When it comes to accuracy, the Marauder's reliability and accuracy is unmatched.

Shooters tend to stay away from the rifle longer because of the high price.

Gamo urban.22 Cal. is quieter than the Benjamin Marauder. Each magazine is worth $14

Gamo UrbanPrices

Many shooters have moved away from pre-charged pneumatic PCPs

They are also more difficult to handle because they are so expensive.

You should be careful buying things that you are not able to use or are thin.

You can make it look impressive with a lightweight weapon and a reasonable price.

Gamo's urban air rifle is the perfect solution. It offers you the best at an unbelievable price.

The Gamo urban air rifle is priced between $269.99 to $299, based on the qualities already mentioned.

You will be captivated by its accuracy and silent shooting capabilities, as well as the accessories.

Pros and cons

g1 1 Gamo Urban PCP Review

Gamo UrbanSpecifications

  • Caliber is.22
  • It is manufactured at the BSA plant Birmingham England
  • It boasts exceptional accuracy
  • 800 fps Muzzle Velocity
  • Pre-charged PCP Pneumatic
  • The total length is 42 inches
  • The average weight is 6.7 lbs.
  • The trigger is the CAT (Custom Activity Trigger).
  • It is available in Stock black color
  • The magazine's shot capacity can be removed to hold 10 rounds.
  • Scope rings-11mm dovetail groove
  • Technology for noise suppression
  • Self-regulating valve
  • 30 shots per fill
  • The stock is made up of synthetic All-weather thumbholes
  • Form thin cheekpads
  • 25 extreme shots with 200 psi rather than 232

Customers evaluate

Gamo urban review by existing customers is crucial when you want to buy one.

First, make sure to do a thorough analysis of the product in order to determine its reliability.

Gamo Urban PCP reviews received mostly positive feedback, mainly because the rifle comes in a very stylish and black color.

Customers love the Gamo's concept of silent shot in their urban air rifle.

They can shoot in their backyards or gardens on weekends and evenings without making any noise.

If you are able to shoot without interruptions and make no noise while you do so, you will be able to perform your job well.

The Gamo Urban.22 review shows less noise but does not claim that this rifle is silent.

Gamo Urban.22 ca accuracy, especially at 25 yards, is another feature that is popular.

Customers are often discouraged by the higher prices of pre-charged pneumatic weapons.

However, customers are drawn to the low cost and high quality features.

Gamo Urban PCP air rifle reviews were positive, which encourages shooters to give it a shot at least once.

The Gamo Urban.25 is also a great gun for your backyard, according to shooters.

Customers who left negative feedback on the magazine spoke out about it, perhaps because they didn't know enough about refills.

The magazine states that there is a $50 fee.

However, they may find that all their confusion disappears if they read the article.

People who were not able to shoot accurately tried the.22 Gamo Urban PPC air rifle.

It is amazing to see the positive reviews about their shooting skills and confidence.

Customers also love the combination that the manufacturers have created.

They have many accessories that can be used to modify anything.


Gamo's urban air rifle.22 has been a market leader due to its superior quality and stunning look.

It’s reliable and affordable, granting you a great time shooting!


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