Winchester M14 CO2 Review 2021: Is it for YOU?


In its design, the Winchester M14 Pellet BB Gun pays tribute to U.S. Military Veterans.

This rifle can fire both steel BBs or.177 caliber pellets. It is well-engineered, reliable and sturdy.

If you’re in love with military guns and wish to experience the power, the Winchester M14 air rifle is the one for you.

giphy Winchester M14 CO2 Review

Two 12g CO2 cartridges power the Winchester M14.

These cartridges are kept in the lower clip. This makes it easy to access them for reloading.

Each magazine has 8 rounds. The magazine can hold 16 rounds before it is ready for reloading.

Young shooters can learn to shoot under supervision given the ease and light weight of their equipment.

This semi-automatic CO2 gas rifle can be your best choice if hunting is not your goal.

Here, I’ve compiled a detailed Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle review, which will allow you to make an informed decision about buying one.

Winchester M14 CO2 Air Rifle Review

Battle Rifle Look

Winchester M14 CO2

The Winchester M14 Air Rifle is a reproduction of the M14 rifle. It is the most iconic rifle in the US Armed Forces.

This allows shooters to feel like they are on the battlefield when handling guns.

It’s been manufactured with the same adjustable sights that you would find in the battle rifle.

The rifle has a high shot count and a maximum velocity at 560 FPS.

The manufacturer claims that the rifle is accurate.

Notably, the Winchester M14CO2 CO2 is not matched in weight with the original M14.

Off-course it doesn’t!

The Winchester M14 air rifle's muzzle velocity is 700 FPS.

It is unlikely that this figure will meet the original M14.

On hot days, we can calculate that 620FPS would be our top estimate.

Winchester M14CO2 CO2 air rifles are a great choice for anyone who wants to shoot in competitions. It is lightweight and extremely affordable.

w2 Winchester M14 CO2 Review

Surprisingly, You Can See and Scope

The sight ability of a gun is very important for shooters.

The Winchester M14 semiautomatic co2 air rifle has open sights.

Comparing Winchester M14 CO2 to the original firearm shows that it is very similar.

A front post allows for easy adjustment of the sight for windage and elevation.

It has copied the firearm at the front post with protecting “ears.”

If you're interested in military weapons, you will love it.

The rear view is much closer to the original M14.

The knob is located on the left side. This is the point through which elevation can be controlled.

The right knob adjusts windage exactly like the firearm. It rotates at quarter-turn intervals.

You will need to pull it out a little for adjustments.

This post will provide more information about the various types of airgun sights available and which one you should choose.

winchester m14 co2 air rifle review

The HAM test was used to shoot a soda can at 20 meters. The results were amazing.

This scope is very similar to the Winchester M14.

This renders it ineligible for scope mounting.

The scope mounting system for the screw and dovetail is identical to the original M14 firearm except that the screw hole diameter is smaller.

It is sad to say that the Winchester M14 CO2 CO2 air rifle scope wouldn't have been able to mount the scope.

The HAM test confirmed that the scope can be used.

It wouldn't be a good addition.

Winchester M14A Trigger And Cocking Effort

It’s strange, the Winchester M14 semi-automatic CO2 air rifle has to be pulled a very long way.

The average trigger weight is a heavy 7.5 pounds.

The shooter can safely withdraw quickly thanks to the acquaintance.

It would be great to extend the first stage and release at a predetermined endpoint.

Shooting as you did above will make you feel lighter.

This is not a pleasant situation.

The Winchester M14 CO2 rifle is approximately 2 pounds lighter than the real gun.

This will make the gun feel more buoyant when you shoot.

Lightweight is a benefit to the shooter, especially if he/she has not been highly trained.

You will find a manual trigger protection just behind the trigger guard.

This protection works exactly like the Original M14 firearm.

It is important to consider their safety if you use the gun with your family members.

The cocking handle is located on the side of the breach.

A manual is available to help the shooter learn how to properly fire and recoil the gun.

It fires as soon as you pull the trigger. This makes it very easy to use.

Winchester M14 CO2 Trigger

Impressive Consistency

HAM tested the Winchester model m14 air rifle's consistency and found satisfactory results.

Furthermore, the bullet used does not affect the accuracy.

Not to be confused with bird hunting, the rifle was intended for plinking.

You want to spend the weekend shooting with your family or partner.

The Winchester M14CO2 air rifle is the best choice.

The rifle also passes the HAM Test, which shows it is a great weapon for sport shooting.

During shooting, the muzzle velocity was constant.

Winchester M14Accuracy and reliability

Shooters who want to hunt with a rifle must care about accuracy and reliability.

But since the Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle is not a hunting gun, perhaps that’s not so important here.

The gun was tested at 61° Fahrenheit by HAM on an indoor range.

It is just like all CO2 air guns. It is sensitive to temperature, and it shoots slower in cold.

You must however have an idea or consider windage weather when shooting.

Let me be clear that you cannot go shooting on a cold winter’s day.

Comparable to other CO2 rifles the Winchester M14 Pellet BB Gun's muzzle velocity is approximately 2FPS per degree Fahrenheit. This allows it to go above 95 degrees.

Accordingly, as the temperature rises, so does the muzzle velocity. Winchester M14 CO2 CO2 is one the most popular 5 CO2 air rifles.

Because CO2 is a refrigerant gas, if it tends to shoot faster than normal, it will cause it slow down.

During the HAM Test, the time between two shoots was only 5 seconds.

The Table below gives you a clear picture of the explanation.

Rifle Pallet Average Muzzle VelocityAverage Muzzle EnergyResult/Accuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 4.7 Grain549.8 fps3.13 ft/lbsPOOR
H & N Field Target Trophy Green 5.56 grain510.5 fps3.22 ft/lbsPOOR
RWS Hobby 7 grain447.7 fps3.12 ft/lbsPOOR
Crosman Premier HP 7.90 Grain439.1 FPS3.38 ft/lbsPOOR
JSB Exact Diabolo 8.44 Grain417.4 fps3.27 ft/lbsPOOR.BEST TREATMENT
H & N Field Target trophy 8.64 grain396.2 fps3.01ft/lbsPOOR
H & N barracuda match 10.65 grain354.8 fps2.98ft/lbsPOOR

The table above shows that Gamo Raptor Target Trophy Green 5.56 grain has a maximum muzzle velocity of 549.8FPS.

This velocity can be achieved at 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that the muzzle velocity with maximum value can be found at 95 Fahrenheit (or in the vicinity of 620 FPS).

I was able to confirm that the accuracy was not very high after the HAM test. It was only accurate up to 10 meters.

This post contains more information about accuracy of air rifles.

More on Chrony test of the Winchester CO2 pellet & bb rifle here:

Shooting Ability

The dimensions of the weapon are important for shooters to shoot accurately and confidently.

It’s hard to handle heavy guns, especially if you are not experienced.

The Winchester M14 CO2 is 44 inches long when taken in its entirety, making it suitable for adults.

winchest m14

It’s synthetic, not made of real wood, which makes it very light and takes away from the genuine feel.

The HAM test demonstrated that weight is a major factor in CO2 emissions. Lightweight rifles perform slower.

This rifle is not intended to be used for killing birds.

You can use this gun for fun, but not to inflict any actual harm to any living creature.

Because it is so light, the whole family can enjoy a fun experience using a military firearm.

It's not difficult to load the CO2 cart; it doesn't require any key to position tightening.

The shooting team is supported by the auxiliary.

By pressing the button on the magazine's surface, you can quickly remove the magazine from your hands and reload it.

Acceptable Noise

There’s no silencer, the noise is only moderate anyway.

If you don’t wish to disturb your neighbor, this is an acceptable gun.

The HAM test showed that the Winchester M14 CO2 rifle was less noisy than the Benjamin Marauder, which is the benchmark for silence.


Winchester M14 CO2 Appearance

Manufacturers claim that this is a tribute for military guns.

At a distance, you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and the real Winchester M14.

Guess what? There is the bayonet mount & a mock flash hider.

The sling swivels are also said to work amazing.

For an effortless look, it allows for a 1-inch rifle sling.

Keep in mind that synthetic molding is generally of high quality, regardless of its price.

Texture finishing is the same as for the M14 gun.

The appearance is more than satisfactory at this affordable price.

The Winchester M14 CO2 is the best way to get a feel for a real firearm, but without actually firing it.

Winchester 1400CS Mossy Oak, another beautiful air rifle, is also available.

The Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle is a great option if you love guns that look like firearms or military guns.

This is why I recommend you not to shoot sheet bbs at any water or hard object, as they could ricochet!

Before you start shooting, make sure that all your pets are removed.

It can cause pain or harm even when it is close to you.

Moreover, you should wear safety glasses while shooting – your eyes are at risk when it comes to this kind of activity.

Amazing Price

It’s only $70. Because the price is so low, any complaint is null and void.

Just for the look alone, it’s worth the money, even as a gift for someone else.

HAM Rating

The Winchester M14 CO2 rifle has been reviewed by the HAM team. Below are the results:


This is not to be used for the purpose of killing animals. It’s simply a fun backyard plinker.

Pros & Cons

w3 Winchester M14 CO2 Review


  • Semi-automatic air rifle
  • Safety guide for manuals
  • The front side is fixed
  • Adjustable sight
  • Synthetic stock
  • Swivels for slinging
  • Steel barrel
  • 12g CO2 cartridge
  • .177 caliber
  • Winchester is the manufacturer
  • 700 FPS velocity
  • Ammo type is Pellet & BBS
  • Gun weight is 2.99 lb.
  • Length: 44.5
  • Barrel length 21
  • Loudness is four middle high
  • Capacity of magazines 16
  • Warranty valid for 30 days

Users Review

The Winchester M14 CO2 air rifle is praised by most reviews.

This product is a great gift idea because of the low price.

It is easy to handle, and a good starting point for new shooters who aren’t yet ready for .22 caliber.

It’s also a decent sport gun, inspire by its not elite level.

It performs unexpectedly well for a low price.

Customers suggested that the entire magazine be removed.

Some customers feel the trigger is too heavy for the gun's light weight. This can take some getting used to.

Finally, it’s worth noting that people with army backgrounds have been buying the Winchester M14 CO2 air rifles.

Perhaps it’s just a soft spot on their part.

But if it’s good enough for them, maybe it’ll be good enough for you!

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